Labels by Material

Browse through our labels by materials section to learn more about our materials and how they can be used to create your own specific labels.

Lexan - Control Panels, Overlays, 5 mil 10 mil thick, sub surface printed LexanTM

Most commonly used
for Control Panels, Overlays, and Namplates.

Super-Tough - Polyropylene, 9 year UV Super-Tough

A thick and extremely durable Label with outdoor UV protection.

Industrial Polyester - 5 year UV, Laminated, Tedlar, Chemical resistant Industrial Polyester

Excellent chemical resistance & great looks with outdoor UV protection.

Matte Polyester - Laminate, warning labels, UL labels, decals Matte Polyester

Attractive Polyester Label with excellent anti-glare properties.

Gloss Polyester - Laminate, glossy, asset tag, barcode labels Gloss Polyester

Attractive Polyester Label with a high-gloss, "Wet-Look" finish.

Plain Polyester - Clear, white, no laminate Plain Polyester

Economical Polyester Label that provides excellent durability.

4 Mil Vinyl - Calendered, economical label 4 Mil Vinyl

Our most economical, general purpose label.

1 mil Vinyl - Hi-Performance vinyl, vehicle lettering, vehicle graphics 1 Mil Vinyl

Excellent for die-cut graphics or conformable labels.

Convex Label - Hard Hats, Helmets, ATV, Motorcross, compound curves Conform-All

Conforms to round and compound-curved surfaces.

Static Cling Labels Static Cling Labels

Display label on any window without adhesive. Easy to remove and reposition.

Reflective Decals Reflective Decals

Reflective Decals for safety, identification, novelty, or low light applications.

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